The Walls of Jericho

Photo by Filip Baotić on Unsplash
Photo by Europeana on Unsplash
Photo by Francesca Grima on Unsplash

“Now Jericho [a fortified city with high walls] was tightly closed because [of the people’s fear] of the sons of Israel; no one went out or came in.”- Joshua 6:1 (AMP)

It might have seemed like the enemies had the advantage, but they were scared. The enemy likes to play with our minds because it is the only place where he can get an advantage. If he manages to intimidate us we will surrender, even before we try; and he will buy some time. The truth is that he knows he is defeated; he cannot attack us head-on because he would have to face God himself. So he uses the divide and conquer strategy.

Photo by Gigi on Unsplash



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